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01. Thomas Joseph Celentano, Dallas, Texas, USA (A direct relation - Tomaso) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

02. Johnathan Marc Celentano, Los Angeles, California, USA (A direct relation - Tomaso) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

03. Anthony Celentano, San Jose, California, USA

04. Kevin Celentano, Fifi, Scotland

05. Franco Celentano, Rome, Italy.

06. Isidoro Celentano, Zurich, Switzerland

07. Antonette Lauro Iacono, San Pedro, California, USA

08. John J. Celentano, Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Originally from Newark, NJ, USA. Gaetano Celentano, the father of John J. Celentano, was one of the four original founders of Celentano Food Products, Inc. in Verona, NJ. (Family: )

09. Thomas Neil Celentano, New Haven, Connecticut, USA (Family: Vico Equense, Campania)

10. Elaine Venutolo Fall, New Jersey, USA

11. Clelia Castaldo, Rome, Italy

12. Joseph Anthony Celentano Jr. Woodland Hills, CA, USA (originally New Haven, CT USA)

13.   October 2012 - Paul Ciro Celentano; moved to Cornwall, UK.

            Paul’s youngest brother, Anthony Luigi Celentano, is going to Melbourne, Australia in November 2012 and would like to get in touch with Uncle Luigi, Aunt Olive and Cousins Robin and Justin.

14. Thomas John Celentano, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Family: Samo, Calabria)

15. Rosemary Celentano Kercz, Aurora, Ontario, Canada

16. Ralph Celentano, North Bay, Ontario, Canada (See line #131 below)

17. Roberto Capielo (Buccafurri / Montelesre), USA

18. Paul Joseph Celentano Jr, New York, NY, USA (A direct relation - Giuseppi)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

19. Ceil Romeo, Louisana, USA

20. Robert Ray Celentano, North Bend, OR, USA (A direct relation - Tomaso) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

21. John A. Celentano, Jr, New York, NY, USA

22. Charles Thomas Anthony Pasquale (Chuck) Celentano, East Syracuse, NY, USA
..........Chuck Celentano (A direct relation - Pasquale) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

23. Vamilton Franzo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

24. Antonio Geraldo Celentano, Sao Paulo, Brazil

25. Susanne E. Celentano Gainer, Staten Island, NY USA (A direct relation - Guiseppi)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

26. Rosario James Celentano, Staten Island, NY USA (A direct relation - Guiseppi) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

27. Anthony James Celentano, Staten Island, NY USA (A direct relation - Guiseppi)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

28. Gloria J. Celentano, New York, NY USA

29. James Celentano, Los Angeles, CA USA

30. Joseph John Celentano, New Jersey, USA  (Family: Positano, Campania)

31. "Luca", (?) Italy

32. Lauren Tamparo, Floral Park, New York, USA (a direct relation - Pasquale)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

33. Joseph Ungaro, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

34. James Mancuso, Delmar, NY, USA

35. Joey Gullo, Royal Palm Beach, Florida, USA

36. Joseph Pasquale Celentano, San Francisco, CA, USA (a direct relation - Pasquale)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

37. Dr. Alejandro Celentano, Buenos Aires, Argentina  (Family: Sorrento, Campania)

38. Brian Celentano, New York, NY, USA

39. Dr. Margaret Downie Banks, Vermillion, SD, USA
America's Shrine to Music Museum, University of South Dakota ( 2/2000...researching for info re a very small 19th century mandolin by MICHELE CELENTANO )

40. Charles R. Toca, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA
( maybe a TOCA family relationship/link here, from Santandar, Spain ) The Toca Webpage

41. Jose Geraldo Celentano, Sao Paulo, Brazile

42. Gina Celentano, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

43. Donata Celentano Haberman, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (Family: Comune Di Bella, Provincia Di Potenza)

44. Jennifer Louise Peruffo, Whippany, New Jersey, USA (a direct relation - Pasquale)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

45. Rita Anne Marie Celentano Fien, New York, NY, USA (a direct relation - Pasquale) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

46. John Peruffo, New York, NY, USA (a direct relation - Pasquale)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

47. Frank Witty (looking for Anthony "Tony" Celentano from the Bronx, wife's name was Pat.)

48. (updated 01-2011) Marie Isakower (looking specifically for art work by her grandmothers brother, Daniel Celentano, the artist)

49. Toni Mini (related to Daniel Celentano, the artist)

50. Laura Fondy (related to Daniel Celentano, the artist)

51. Aaron Celentano, Rush, NY, USA

52. Mark Celentano, Massachusetts, USA Looking for family connections. (My fathers name was Joseph Anthony Celentano (from Massacheusetts), son of Valentine & Rose Celentano (from Sorento, Italy). (Family: Sorrento, Italy)

53. Giancarlo Atzeni, Carbonia-Cagliari, Italy

54. Janice Cazin Manni, Paso Robles, CA, USA (a direct relation - Tomaso) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

55. Ralph Joseph Celentano Jr, Staten Island, NY, USA (looking for info re Ralph Joseph Celentano Sr married to Antoinette Valerio) see line # 137 and line # 138.

56. Julie Ann Brooks Francisco, Castro Valley, CA, USA (a direct relation - Tomaso)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

57. Courtney Celentano, New York, NY, USA (a direct relation - Pasquale)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

58. Shirley Ann Galindo Sauers, San Mateo, CA USA (a direct relation - Tomaso)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

59. Barbara Joanne Restivo, San Rafael, CA USA (a direct relation - Tomaso) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

60. Charlotte Ann Crivello Crackbon, San Rafael, CA USA (a direct relation - Tomaso) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

61. Gina Celentano, New Jersey, USA

62. Thomas Celentano, Bayonne, New Jersey, USA (a direct relation - Pasquale)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

63. Lisa Marie Celentano, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  (Family: Samo, Calabria)

64. Joseph & Ann Celentano, Uniondale, New York, USA  (Family: Bella, Provincia Di Potenza)

65. Ruth Fay Celentano Baudot, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (researching family history in New Orleans. Gaetano Antonio Celentano's son, Richard (Rocco) Anthony Celentano married Margaret Jensen  (Family: Salerno, IT)

66. Anthony (Tony) Celentano, New Jersey, USA (Family: related to the Celentano Bros Food Products Family)

67. Kenneth Joseph Chilando, Nashville, TN, USA  (Family: Calabria)

68. John Paul Celentano II, Beverly (Boston), Mass, USA (In USAF stationed at RAF Mildenhall, and lives in Weeting, UK. Grandparents Valentino and Rose (Favara) Celentano.)  (Family: Vico Equense, IT)

69. Lisa Stouffer Kreeger, San Diego, CA, USA (In US Navy stationed at San Diego, CA, Webmaster of Chilando Family Website. http://members.aol.com/crazykre/index.html .  (Family: Calabria)

70. Steven Girard Raffo, San Rafael, CA, USA (a direct relation - Tomaso) (Family: Catona, Calabria)

71. Joyce Celentano Marchese, Phoenix, AZ, USA (Searching for grandparents family of Ignatius and Lucy Celentano. Son Michael born 1917(?) in New York.) (Family: Basilicata)

72. John L. Celentano, Oregon, USA (Searching for grandparents family of Ignatius and Lucy Celentano. Son Michael born 1917(?) in New York.) (Family: Basilicata.)

73. Philip J. Eulie, MD, San Francisco (Bay Area), CA, USA (Searching for Francesco Celentano, from Avellino, IT. Lived in New York (Manhatten) in 1895. In 1918, lived on Avenue X in Brooklyn, NY. A tailor by trade and owned a wine store. (Family: Campania.)

74. Donata M. (Urso) Hunt, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (Searching for family of Vito & Donata Celentano from Bella Potenza. Around 1907, at Ellis Island, the processors changed their surname to Celender. Lived in Pittsburg, PA. Also related to Joseph and Caroline (Pugliese) Urso from St. Peitro, IT.) (Webpage at http://familytreemaker.com. (Family: Bella area of Potenza, Campania.)

75. Ray Celentano, Millbrae, CA USA (Family related to the Celentano's from New Jersey. Grandparents Michael (born 1859) & Maria Celentano. immigrated to USA in 1890.  (Family: Vico Equense.)

76. Christopher John Celentano, USA no other information available.  (Family: not indicated.)

77. Francesca Celentano, New York, USA (Searching for grand-father Rocco Celentano, from Salerno, IT. A tailor by trade. His brothers, one possibly named Joseph, had a grocery store in Brooklyn.  (Family: Campania.)

78. Stephen Celentano, North Hollywood, CA USA (Father was Andrew (1919-1977), from New Haven CT; Grandfather was Michael, from Sorrento IT; Great-grandfather was Alphonse, from Naples.  (Family: Naples.)

79. Robyn Lynn (Galindo) O'Neill, Newark, CA USA (a direct relation - Tommaso Celentano)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

80. Christina A. Desiere, CA USA (related to Desiere .... or Disiervi/Di Siervi family. Also decendents of Rivoli family from Carapippe, Sicily)  (Family: Verona)

81. Nicholas Celentano, New Jersey USA (Family: )

82. Cari Castaneda, Huntington Beach, CA USA (direct relation - Pasquale Celentano. Grandparents are Joseph and Nancy Franzo from New York.)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

83. Lillian Irene Celender Engelsiepen, Port Hueneme, CA USA (Researching Celender Family. Born in Pittsburgh PA. Father was Anthony Lawrence Celender. Paternal Grandparents imigrated to USA from Naples in 1886 on ship "Cheribon". ) (Family: Bella, Basilicata)

84. Matt Oberhofer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Researching Gallegioni Family from Zurich, Switzerland. Decendent of Andreas Gallegioni, from Mt Gallegioni, IT and Aurelia Del Curto, from Chiavenna, IT.)  (Family: Lombardy)

85. Cindy Ofsuryk, USA (Researching Caterina Celentano Family from Atrani. Caterina (ca 1870-1954) was married to Luigi Pellegrino and children were Rachela, Giuseppi, Nicholas, Peter, Angelo and Salvatore.) Family settled in New Haven, CT.  (Family: Atrani)

86. Regina Hinds, Dublin, Ireland (Looking to contact Joseph Celentano, a student at New York State in 1983, who studied at Univ of College Cork for one year. He was on crutches. He has a twin brother. )  (Family: )

87. Maria Celentano, Genova, IT (Wanted to know why anyone would want to have a web site like this.)  (Family: Genova)

88. Dolores Sparti Taylor, New York USA (Looking for info re Uncle Seabastiano Sparti. He is buried at Calvery Cemetery in an unmarked grave next to Emilia Celentano Sparti, (1880-1960), possibly his second wife. The cemetery plots were purchased by Rio Edward Ragone.) (Family: )

89. John Anthony Celentano, Orlando, FL, USA (University of Central Florida, class of 2005. Looking for relatives of my father John Bruce Celentano and my mother Delia Mae Celentano, currently living in Manasquan, NJ. My Brother Jason Eric Celentano also lives in Manasquan, NJ. My Sister Tina Celentano Cordes married Eddie Cordes and live in Wayne, NJ.  (Family: ?? )

90. Monica Feeley , USA (Searching for information on the Mastrogiovanni and Zamerillo familes. There is a connection with the name "Celetan", pronounced "Chillidan". Is this a village or region around Naples? )  (Family: Naples)

91. Sandra Beatriz Celentano, Argentina (Parents: Leandro Hugo Celentano and Erminia Vargas Lopez.) (Family: )

92. Dennis J. (Souky) Celentano, New York, NY, USA (a direct relation - Giuseppi)  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

93. Sandra Chelentano, Uruguay ......  (Family: Catona, Calabria)

94. Diane Celentano Marangelo, Connecticut (January, 2003. Looking for info re Her father Joseph Celentano and his father Michael Celentano who was born in Vico Equense. Michael came thru Ellis Island. Only Joseph's sister is still living. Great grandmother's name was Carmella. Will be visiting Vico Equense and Sorrento soon.)  (Family: Vico Equense)

95. Denise Celentano Donovan, The Bronx, New York, NY, USA (Grandparents Frank and Barbara Celentano. Great-grandparents John and Josephine Celentano.) (Family: ---- )

96. deleated by request

97. Peter Celentano, Freehold, New Jersey, USA [See Line 126 below.] (Formerly from Clifton, New Jersey. Father was Ralph Celentano, the son of Peter and Lena Celentano of Clifton, NJ.) (Family: ---- )

98. Fiona and Elspeth McDougall, Scotland (I am contacting you on behalf of my mum-in-law Elspeth Stewart, known as El, she was a mother`s help to the Celentano family who used to reside at 185 Chittendon Rd. Clifton, NJ. El is very keen to get in touch, for old times sake, with the family. The kids are Sueanne, John, Mark and baby Kerry. We chanced upon the Celentano Family Web Site and El was so excited at the prospect of being in touch with the Celentano family as she spent 3 very happy years knowing them before returning to Scotland. We can be contacted on Malcolmm855@aol.com, this is my husband`s e mail address. Thanking you. Fiona McDougall and Elspeth McDougall. ) (Family: )

99. Gary E. Johnson, USA (Looking for original artwork by the artist Daniel R. Celentano. Would like to know more about the artist. )

100. Algona Taylor, USA (Looking for info re Her brother Michael Celentano, who last lived in North Carolina.) (Family: not stated)

101. Jessica Celentano, Liege, Belgium. (Looking for family of Grandfather Michele Celentano, who was born in Napoli. He emigrated to Belgium (Liege) in the 1950's. He had two children with Sabatiello Lucia: My father, Pio Celentano was born May 17, 1958. His brother Carmine Celentano was born September 25, 1959.) (Family: Comune di Bella, Provinza di Potenza)

102. Apopto@Netscape.net, USA. Apopto >> Please check line 136 (Looking for relations. Celley Family. My grandfather was Albert (Al) Celentano. I know he was born in NY, and lived near the Hudson. (He said that he used to swim in it.)  I'm not sure of the birth date, 1909 or 1910, he died in 1994. He was actually the road manager for the jazz musician, Duke Ellington, from 1942-1964. (I'm not certain on those dates). I was told that he was 3rd generation. I think his father was Micheal Celentano, and possibly an electrician. There could be a Anthony or a Francis in that generation too. I was told that he had several brothers and sisters.   I know that one of his brothers was John and another was Adolf and/or Anthony.  He lived in New York, Chicago, and California before he settled in PA, just outside Philadelphia. He changed his last name from Celentano to Celley. I think that his brother John may have done the same. He was married at least twice. I'm a product of the last marriage. I think that he may have been divorced from his first wife when he lived in CA, but I'm not sure.) (Family: ----)

103. Salvatore Celentano, Boscoreale, Naples, IT. (Looking for family. My father's name is Giuseppi Celentano. He was born in Torre del Greco, Naples. He was the son of Gennaro Celentano and Martello Nunziata. My grandfather emigrated to New York and died there in the 1940's. His name is Vangone Antonio and he had a barber shop in New York.)  (Family: Naples)

104. Michele Celentano, Arizona, USA. (Looking for info re Her father, Joseph Celentano (nickname "Mickey"), born September 21, in the 1940's. His father's name was Pasquale and his sister was Rosie. Rosie died about 1994. He may have had another brother and sister. Joseph worked for Otis Elevator Company. My mother, Camille, is his second wife. I know he married again and had a son. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY.)   (Family: not stated)

105. Rodrigo Campos, Brazil, SA. (looking for Galindo Family relations. Is the Galindo family name from the Netherlands orSpain? )  

106. Tony Sciliberto, Canada. (looking for Sciliberto Family relations. My father, Rosario Sciliberto, is from Messina, Sicily. His fathers name was Ernesto.) (Family: Messina, Sicily)

107. Carol Celentano Schroeder, New York, USA. (Looking for information to trace family roots. My grandfather was Frank or Francesco Celentano. His mother was Rose. I do not know her maiden name, however, I do know that she was born in Italy. I don't know his fathers name. My grandfather had several siblings. I remember meeting some of them. Christina, Mamie and Dominick were their names. To my knowledge they grew up in Manhatten, perhaps on the lower west side. My grandfather had a moving business on Steinway Street in Astoria. My grandmother was Laura (know as Jennie) Pallmann. They had several children, Rose Dominick, Frank and Gertrude. My grandparents separated when my father Frank was very a young child. I think they moved to Laurel Hill Queens.)  (Family: not stated)

108. Marie Howe, U.S.A. (Looking for information regarding Joseph Celentano, lived in Naples, Italy. Marie, my reply to your original E-mail dated 5/02/04 was returned to me as undeliverable. Please send me another E-mail with your correct address (Joseph@Celentano.org) and I will resend my reply to you. Your excite and yahoo and hotmail addresses do not work.

109. Sharon Celentano Lonergan, Carteret, New Jersey, U.S.A. Looking for information regarding her family, (father) Joseph Anthony Celentano, His mother was Rose, his father Valentino Celentano (?), Brothers, John, Anthony, Frank. Sisters, Helen, Anna, Marie.  (Family: Naples and Sicily)

110. Camillo Celentano, Positano, Italy (Born June 27, 1881 to Raffaele Celentano and Margherita Rossano. His father took him to New Jersey at the age of 13. He stayed with his Auntie Giuseppina and Uncle Vincenzo Zingone - They may have had a shop. Cammilo married Terresa ??? and had four children. If any one has any news on Cammilo Celentano, his half sister would love to know what happened to him. She is 90 Years of age and wants to know before she dies. Thank you to anyone who can help.)  Family: Positano, Italy.

111. Joseph Eulie, U.S.A. (Searching for info regarding his grandfather, Francesco Celentano. He arrived in New York from Naples on the ship Werwa in 1895. He was a wine merchant and tailor. The family lived on Elizabeth Street in Lower Manhatten. )  Family: Naples.

112. Marlynn O'keefe, U.S.A. (I am researching a man named Camillo Celentano who was from Positano, Italy. What would be the American name for Camillo? I have not been successful in finding a death time or date for Camillo and am thinking he used an American name while he lived in Bergenfield, New Jersey in the 1930''s and 40's. Thanks for any suggestions.) Family: Positano, Italy.

113. Judith Mondello, U.S.A. (My grandmother was from Salerno, Italy, and arrived in Brooklyn.N.Y., with her sister. They stayed with their uncle and his family before settling in Paterson, N.J., early 1900's. She married and became DeMaria. When asked what kind of an Italian she was; the reply always was the same. She would always pronounce "Chelientano". Whenever I asked, people would always say they never heard of that kind of an Italian. Per chance I came upon your site and felt I found grandma's heritage. She kept some pictures of Salerno with her - one depicted an older brother who went to Argentina. It seems both before and later more of her family went to Argentina and she corresponded with them.)  Family: Salerno, Italy.

114. Donna Byers, U.S.A. (I’ve been looking to see whether or not my maternal grandfather fits into your family tree. I don’t believe so at this point but have really don’t have any information about him before he came to the US. I believe his name was Rafael. I’m not certain of this because he was called Jimmy and Vincenzo. I also believe that he was born in Sicily, but at a very young age was brought to France by his parents. His parents, I’ve been told, were teachers and some of my family seem to believe that they were professors at a French university. We believe that he had one sister who died very young. He lived on Atlantic Avenue in NYC after he and my grandmother were married. Her name was Rosina Monteforte is from Naples. They had 9 children (5 boys and 4 girls) 3 who are still living today. After a devastating fire they moved to Rhode Island and stayed here. My grandfather died in 1975. He never returned to Italy. I have been able to find my grandmother’s name listed at Ellis Island but have not been fortunate enough to find my Grandfather as of yet….I’m still looking.) . Family: Sicily, Italy.

115. Lisa Dwyer, Lake Worth, FL, U.S.A. (Researching American painters and relative Daniel Ralph Celentano ("Uncle Dan"). Daniel Ralph Celentano passed away in 1980.)  Family: Italy.

115(A). Tim Dwyer, New York, NY, U.S.A. (Researching relative Daniel Ralph Celentano (complex) family tree history.)  Family: Italy.

116. Yaqueline Chelentano, Uruguay. (Researching grandfather Giuseppe Francesco Celentano (born: 8 November 1888) in Gerace, Reggio Calabria.)  Family: Reggio Calabria, Italy.

117. Andrea Garibotto Celentano, La Paz Colonia Piamontesa, Uruguay. (Has Italian citizenship. A student in biological sciences teaching. Researching her grand-father's family, Antonio Celentano.)  Family: Italy

118. Katarina (Kate) Celentano, U.S.A. (Researching family of her father James Frances Celentano, born in U.S.A., Grandfather Joseph Celentano and grandmother migrated from Naples, Italy.)  Family: Naples, Italy.

119. Barry Lenson, New York, U.S.A. (Late father, Michael Lenson, was an American artist. Lenson's works were represented by Janet Marquesse Fine Arts Gallery in New York. For more than a decade, the gallery exhibited works by Artist Daniel Ralph Celentano. Looking for possible acquisition of original Daniel Ralph Celentano art. Michael Lenson artwork may be located at www.MichaelLenson.org.)

120. Marlynn O'Keefe, Irvington, VA, U.S.A. (See line 125) (Researching Camillo Celentano family history. While visiting Positano, Italy in June 2004, met with a family who has been looking for information on Camillo Celentano, who was born in Positano on 27 July 1881. Parents: Reffaele (sic) Celentano and Margherita Rossano (or Rossand). Margherita died in Positano. Father took Camillo to USA where he lived with his aunt (mother's sister) named Guiseppina Rossano/Rossand. Guiseppina married Francesco Zingone. Camillo's father went back to Italy where he married Teresa (last name unk). He had four sons and one daughter, named Teresa. Daughter Teresa was in contact with her half brother unitl WWII. Last known address was in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Any info would be appreciated.) Please reply to Marlynn O'Keefe . Family: Positano, Italy.

121. Jo-Ann Franzo Dimperio, Staten Island, NY, U.S.A. (A direct relation - Pasquale) The following information is what makes this Celentano Family Website worth it all. Jo-Ann Inez Franzo, born 1958, (her sister Nancy, was born in 1956) in Brooklyn, New York, was looking for her biological father Joseph Franzo, Jr. Jo-Ann's mother Theodora, and father Joseph, divorced when she was about one-year old. Forty-five years later Jo-Ann learned that her stepfather was not her biological father. So Jo-Ann (in 2005) went looking for him and stumbled upon this website, and we exchanged a few very similar family notes. Ironically, I knew Jo-Ann's Grandmother, Nancy Celentano Franzo-Surico (twenty-years ago), because Nancy was a first generation cousin to my late father, Giuseppi (Joseph) Celentano. Needless to say, Jo-Ann was elated, and the families have connected. Special thanks goes to cousin Thomas Daniel Celentano (Nancy's brother), of New York, for his assistance in this successful family search and reuniting. In addition, Jo-Ann now has two half-sisters she did not know about.)  Family: Catona, Calabria.

122. Ron and Clarice Bochman, Masstricht. The Netherlands. In May 2005, President George W. Bush visited the war cemetery in Masstricht to honor the soldiers who were killed in World War Two. After the President's visit, Ron and Clarice Bochman adopted one of the graves of an American Private named Sebastian B. Crivello, who died in Holland. He served in the 330th Infantry, 83rd Division. Sebastian B. Crivello was from the State of Massachusetts. They are attempting to locate CRIVELLO FAMILY relatives in the United States. Maybe his family would like to know where he is burried. Contact: Ron and Clarice Bochman.

123. Larry Celender, Pittsburg, PA, U.S.A. Looking for information on Celentano / Celender family in Pittsburg, PA. Family: Unknown.

123(A). David Celentano, Argentina. Greetings from David Celentano, Argentina, South America.    No further information.

124. Janet Celentano, Canada. (My name is Janet Celentano and I wanted to thank you for putting together such a great website. It's so nice to see so many people are interested in family. Just in case you can help me out, my father Giovanni Stefano (goes by John) Celentano was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, but was raised in Samo, RC, Italy. We're trying to find out about his father's family and descendants. His father was Luciano Placido Celentano from Samo - as far as my dad remembers he had two brothers, one older (Giuseppe) who went to North Bay, Ontario and a younger brother Peter who stayed in Samo.) (Family: Samo, R.C. Italy.

125. Irene Coy, Positano, Italy. (See line 120 above) Looking for Raffaele Celentano who was born in Positano. Raffaele had a brother named Giovanni. He was away at sea most of the time, as a sailor. Raffaele's second wife was named Maria Vita Romano, also born in Positano. She is the mother of Teresa, the half sister of Camillo Celentano. Camillo had four children, Raffaele, Margherita, Lugi, Paolo. Margherita married Vincenzo Maraspino.

125(A). Joseph and Jean Franzo, Staten Island, NY (Joseph Franzo updating his family genealogy information on the Celentano Family Website. (Family: Catona, Calabria, Italy.)

126. Ralph J. Celentano, Virginia, USA. [See line 97 above.] (Ralph J. Celentano is the son of the late Ralph Celentano, who was the son of Peter and Lena Celentano. Born in Passaic, New Jersey and lived in Clifton, NJ until age 19. Then moved to State of Virginia. Has two sons, Justin Celentano and Nathanial Celentano, who both live in VA. Has brother Peter Celentano who lives in Freehold, NJ.)  (Family: --- )

126(A). David Oliver Celentano, Canada. David writes: "Monsieur, je viens de découvrir votre site concernant une famille CELENTANO. Ma femme est issue d’une famille CELENTANO, (elle se prénomme Sylvine) apparemment de la banlieue NAPLES. Sa mère, Lucie, aujourd’hui décédée, était une cousine germaine d’Adriano CELENTANO célèbre chanteur Italien. Faite vous partie de cette famille ? Dans l’attente de votre réponse. Cordialement.  (Family: France)

127. Ray Celentano, New Hampshire, USA. Most of my research centers on my grandfather, Salvatore Celentano, who came from Positano in 1898. From the stories I remember him telling us, an uncle helped him get into the country and he then worked with him at a fruit stand in New York City. Eventually he and my grandmother ( Rosalie Violo from Naples) moved to Fairveiw, NJ, where they raised their family. (As you may know, that's about 6 miles from NYC, so you can see that they were real pioneers!!) The family consisted of Ralph, my father (who was really named Rafalle), Al (Alfonso), Paul, Frank and Stella. They all settled in Bergen County, NJ, the furthest about 20 miles from their original home. None of them, including my father, is alive today.
From the Ellis Island web site, (ellisisland.org) I believe that I have found my grandfather. The information matches the correct age he would have come to the US. He was born in 1887, so he would have been 11 in 1898 when he made the trip from Italy. (July 15, according to the website) And that's his age on the manifest. I know that he came from Positano because he used to talk about it all the time. Again, the ship's manifest shows the dates, the town and his age and it all matches. I cannot, though, make any connection as to who it is he may have come over with. That's still a mystery. There's one person who may be able to help me with some of the missing information, my father's cousin, but he is too deaf to talk with on the phone. I hope to talk with him, or maybe yell with him, when I go to NJ at the end of the month. ( I lived for 25 years in New Hampshire.)
A few years ago my wife got a phone call at work from a man who must have been a California Celentano. He called to ask her about her name after she wrote an article for Prevention Magazine. He called to ask if somehow she was realted. I now can make the connection based on the info you've sent me. In a way, I wish I had talked with him.
And if I haven't already bored you enough, a few years ago my daughter was traveling through Europe, something I've never done, and called us to say that she was in a town where there were a whole number of businesses where the name Celentano was very prominent. After talking with her for a few minutes, I realized that she was actully in my grandfather's home town, Positano. It was very exciting. She did tell us later on that she flashed her driver's license and was able to get a couple of free meals.
I don't know if any of this is helpful to you, but I can honestly say that it's been fun learning about my family and hearing from those who share the Celentano name. Sincerely, Ray Celentano.  (Family, Positano, Italy)

128. Leo Celentano, Melborne, Australia. My dad was born in a town in Calabria, called Samo, with his mum and dad and furthur relatives. He lived there until he was 16. He and his brother, Tony, decided to take a vacation to Australia. After a year he decided to make a permanent change with his brother. After 1 year, Tony got married and his wife's hairdresser met my dad and then she became my mum. They got married and in 1991, then they had me. Then 1996 they had my brother John Anthony and then in 1998 they had my sister Elizabeth. I live in Melbourne, Australia. My mum was born here in Australia, but her parents were born in Italy. I'm not sure if I am related to these other people on the site but I would like to be apart of it. My birthday is on the 12 of November. If you would like to E-mail me.            Thank you. (Family: Calabria, Italy)

129. Judy Gaspar, USA Judy writes: "Do you know any history of a Camillo Celentano born in Positano, Italy, on June 27, 1881 to Raffaele Celentano and Margherita Rossano. His father took him to New Jersey at the age of 13. He stayed with his aunt Giuseppina and uncle Vincenzo Zingone. His half sister, Teresa, who still is in Positano and is 90 years old, would like some information as to what happened to him before she dies. I am in communication with a friend of hers in Positano. Thanks for any help you can give." (Family: Positano, Italy)

130. Michael Celentino, location unknown. Michael writes: "We came across your web site. We, my father in law and I were searching for our family name Celantano, changed to Celentino after residing to America. Do you have any information on the name Celantano from San Ippolito?" (Family: San Ippolito)

131. (See #16) Ralph Celentano, North Bay, Ontario, Canada RalphC@efni.com "Thanks to your website, I will be meeting cousins deceded from Samo RC, Italy here in Toronto Canada. #124 Janet Celentano of Canada contacted Lisa M. Celentano #63 and we are meeting in Toronto to review our ancestry, some 7 generations! I would like you to amend the # 16. entry of Ralph Celentano with an updated email address. Thank you for maintaining this website. I've recently sent a note to #128 Leo Celentano and #126-A David Celentano to further investigate our family history." (Family: Samo, Reggio Calabria)

132. Angela Concetta Celentano, Nampa, ID, USA. (A Direct relation-Tommasso) Researching Tommasso and Concetta Celentano Family Genealogy. Second-cousin to Joseph Thomas Celentano, Celentano Family Website Researcher. (Family: Catona, Calabria and Messina, Sicilia)

133. Suzanne Yonge Knudsen, Fresno, CA, USA. Researching Accornero Family from San Carlo, Frazione, Province of Asti, Piemonte, Italy. The Accornero Family is related to the Tommaso Celentano Family by marriage.  (Family: Piemonte, Italy)

134. Margaret Accornero Baker, Richmond, CA, USA. Researching Accornero Family from San Carlo, Frazione, Province of Asti, Piemonte, Italy. The Accornero Family is related to the Tommaso Celentano Family by marriage. . (Family: Piemonte, Italy)

135. Joseph Laskowski, Collegeville, PA, USA. Looking for works by Daniel Celentano that may be for sale. Contact: Joseph B. Laskowski, Griffins Gallery, 325 Level Rd., Collegeville, PA  

136. Julie Gabriele, Chicago, IL, USA. I'm hoping to reply to a message on your letters page. Apopto on line 102 is a no-longer-valid email address. Apopto wrote his grandfather was Albert Celentano, aka Albert Celley, and my husband is related to him. My husband's great-grandparents were Antonio Celentano and Vincenza "Frances" LaPomma and they lived in Manhattan at least from 1900 to 1930 (per the U.S. census.) Their children were Lucy, Michael, John, Agnes, Teresa, Salvatore, Jennie, Albert, and Adolph. Some family members stayed in Manhattan, some went to Queens, and a few, including Salvatore and Adolph, relocated to Hartford, Connecticut. I Would love to exchange information with the Apopto who is related to this family. My website is www.GabrieleFamilyTree.com  

137. Eileen Celentano, Portland, OR, USA. (See line # 55 and line # 138.) My son is developing a report on his ancestry. We have lost touch with our relations in New York and are looking for information on our ancestry. My grandfather's name was Rocco Celentano. I think his middle name was spelled Thomaso. Rocco (Thomaso?) Celentano came to New York around 1905, and fought in World War I. He married an Irish woman named Julia Haley. He passed away when my father, John Celentano, was about 8 years old. My grandmother did not keep in touch with my grandfather Rocco's family. We are looking for information on our ancestry in Salerno, Italy prior to my grandfather's move to the U.S.A. My grandfather Rocco came from the area near Salerno, Italy. I found the documents on his trip to the U.S.A. through Ellis Island. They moved to California from New York; contact with his family discontinued after his death in 1936. My hope is that I will be able to learn of some family members that are still on the east coast and even in Italy. Thank you again for your help. Eileen Celentano Eidoart  (Family" Salerno, Italy)

138. (06-2010) Antoinette Theresa Celentano, Murfreesboro, TN. (see line # 55 and line # 137.) Granddaughter of Antoinette Valerio Celentano. Daughter of Ralph Joseph Celentano Jr.

139. (07-2010) John Celentano, New Jersey. Looking for my grandfathers family from Positano, Italy. His name is Thomas Celentano, had 2 sons John, & Ralph. Married to Rachel Espositon and I know he had family that moved to California when I was quite young. He lived in New York City and had a little grocery store uptown Manhattan on Madison ave. Just wondering if we were related. (Family: Positano)


141. (03-2011) Scott Fitzgerald.......


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