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Santo & Nunziata Celentano
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Great-grandson Joseph Thomas Celentano


In Memory Of Their Grandson, My Father, Giuseppi Celentano, 1904-1982

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The Celentano Family (from the region of Catona, Calabria, Italy) Genealogy Web Page, prepared by Joseph Thomas Celentano, (born in 1940 at San Pedro, California, USA) is continually being modified, updated and corrected. This is only one branch of a limb from the huge Celentano Family tree. Any information that can be contributed will be gratefully appreciated. Most of the information is passed down by word of mouth and is best recollection. Much early info (1800's) comes from original documents. More discriptive family info, such as pictures, will follow as time permits. Read carefully and analyze the below information and if you think there may be a family relationship here (or even if there isn't), please send an E-mail in English to Joe Celentano at JosephCelentano@FrontierNet.net..

NOTE: This web site has been very successful. I have located direct blood relations as a result of other Celentano's finding this web site.This web site has been here since March 1997.
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( I have no information prior to early 1800's )

SANTO CELENTANO (my great-grandfather)
born in Catona, Calabria, IT
birth (early 1800'S) ??/??/18??, death (mid to late 1800's) ??/??/18??
Santo Celentano's occupation was a fisherman.
married in Catona, Calabria, IT ??/??/18?? to:

born in Napoli, Compania, IT
birth ??/??/18??, death ??/??/18??
children; Tomaso 1865-1944 (my grandfather), Guiseppi 1871-1948 (or 1951), Pasquale 1880-1951, Raffaele, Carmela, Thresa, Josephine (aka: Bepina).

Pasquale married Carmela Delmastro, Tomaso married Concetta Sciliberto, Guiseppi married Nancy Foti, Rafael married Fortunata (?), and Josephine married Joseph Carita. These siblings went to the United States. Sisters Camille Celentano and Theresa Celentano remained in Italy and it is unknown if they ever married.

I have some notes that mention Camille Celentano married and had a child named ANGELO. Angelo's daughter married and moved to Hollywood, California. No further information.

As you can see, it can get complicated, and memories fade with time. I placed this information here with the idea that if someone sees or recognizes their name or maybe their cousins, aunts or uncles name, then we all may be distantly related.

There is no established connection or relation to the Celentano Foods Family in Verona, NJ, nor Adriano Celentano , the Italian singer and actor.

(revised November 28, 2012)

(Information contributed by: Chuck Celentano, Lauren Tamparo, Jennifer Peruffo, Courtney Ann Celentano, Rita Celentano Fien, Thomas Celentano, Cari Franzo Castaneda, Joann Franzo, Joseph Franzo.)

Pasquale Celentano born in Catona, Calabria in 1880, immigrated to New York in 1905, naturalized ????, died in 1951.
Married Carmela DelMastra in ????, she was born at Naples in 1885, and died in 1961.
    Carmela DelMastra parents were ??????

Children of Pasquale and Carmela:

1. Nancy: 1907-ca.1980, died at age 93

2. Frances: born 1908 - living ??

3. Santo Salvatore (Uncle Sal): born 1910, died 1996, at age 86

4. Emil (Uncle Mimmy): 1912-2002, at age 90

5. Rafael (Ray): 1915-1975, at age 60

6. Rugerrio (Uncle Louie): 1917-ca.1980, at age ??

7. Josephine (twin): 1919-1921, at age 33 months

8. Anna (twin): born 1919, died 1947, at age 28

9. Thomas Daniel: born 10-15-1922 - died November 24, 2012, East Syracuse NY, at age 90

10. Joseph: born 1925 - living

Continuing.... with Pasquale and Carmela's children's spouses and their children
1. Nancy (dec) married #1 Joseph Franzo (dec); children...Dominic, Pasquale, Joseph Jr, Richard (dec).
(Nancy (dec) married #2 Frank Surico (dec) (no children) and moved to San Pedro, CA)

Richard (dec) married #1 Arlene (last name ?).
Richard married #2 Barbara Ann Ballweg; children: Cari Ann, Richard Michael, Robert Joseph.

Cari Ann married Emelio Eduardo Castaneda; children... Richard, Alexis.

Richard Michael married Kara Becker; children...

Robert Joseph... never married.

Dominic married Dolores Carlucci, children... Denise, Dominic Jr, Donna, Joseph.

Denise married Richard Schindler; children... Ashley.

Dominic Jr...never married. Donna married Robert D'Apolito; Children... Cassandra.

Joseph married Jean (last name ?), children... Allyson Marie.

Pasquale (aka Charlie) married #1 Marie (last name ?), children... Joseph, Nancy, Lucie.

Joseph married Saleena (last name ?)...

Nancy...never married.

Lucie married Peter diLauro; children... Peter Jr, Denielle.

Peter Jr...


Pasquale married #2 Judie (last name ?); children...Charles.

Charles married Denise (last name ?); children...Brittany, Charles Jr.

Joseph Jr married #1 Theodora Coffin ; children...Nancy, Joann.


Joann...married Robert Dimperio; children...Danielle, Robert Jr.

Joseph Jr married #2 Angelina (last name?); children...Christina, Jeanine.


Jeanine...married David Ayers; children...Samantha.


Joseph Jr married #3 Madaline (last name ?); no children.
2. Frances married Libero Peruffo; children...John, Charles, Michael.
John married Mary Deamicco; children...Francine, John Louis.

Francine married Al Rivera; children Nicholas Diego
Nicholas Diego:

John Louis married Kathyann (last name ?); children...John Carlo, Vincent Peter.
John Carlo:
Vincent Peter:

Charles married Louise Lombardi; children... Charles Jr, Jennifer Louise.
Charles Jr...
Jennifer Louise...


3. Santo Salvatore married Genette DeStefano; children...Carol, Patricia, Stephen.

Carol married Thomas Fitzgerald; children...Thomas Jr, Scott.

Thomas Jr...



4. Emil married Emily DiSiervi (or Desiere); children...Emil Jr (Mel) (dec), Thomas, Anthony.

Emil Jr...(dec) married Katherine Stabile; no children.

Thomas married #1 Catherine Coppola; children...Jennifer.
Thomas married #2 Beverly Boyle; children...Christina, Courtney Ann.

Jennifer married Robert Joseph Smith Jr; children...Robert Joseph (RJ) III, Adam Michael.


Courtney Ann......

Anthony married Laura Masie; children...Lisa, Anthony II, Paula, Laura Ann,

Lisa married George Lambrakpoulos; children...Mari Lena, Nicholas.
Mari Lena:

Anthony II married Michelle Stanech; children...Amanda, Anthony III.
Anthony III:

Paula married John Blatz; children...Victoria Lynn, Ashely.
Victoria Ann:

Laura Ann; children...Cassandra, Tyler, Alexander.

5. Rafael (Ray) married Jean Gust (dec); children...Robert, Sharon.



6. Rugerrio (Louis) married #1 Grace (last name ?)...no children.

Rugerrio married #2 Rose (last name ?)...no children.

Rugerrio married #3 another Rose (last name ?)...no children.
8. Anna married Carl DeStefano; children...Dorothy, Tina.


9. Thomas Daniel (dec: 11-2012) married Anne Rizzo (dec: 4/30/2002); children...Rita Ann, Charles Thomas, Judy Lynn.

Rita Ann married Richard Charles Fien; Children...Richard Patrick, Deborah Helene, Christopher Thomas.

Richard Patrick...

Deborah Helene married Brandon Thomas Rich. Children...Bryce Nathanial.

Christopher Thomas...

Charles (aka Chuck) Thomas married #1 Elizabeth Cox; children...Elizabeth Marie, Thomas Joseph.

Charles (aka Chuck) Thomas married #2 Margaret (last name name unknown); no children.

Elizabeth Marie married (divorced-name removed by spouse request); children...

Thomas Joseph...

Judy married John Endress; children...Sean, Sarah.


10. Joseph married Katherine (last name ?); children...Camille, Laura, Francine, Joseph.


Laura married William Louis Tamparo; children...Lauren, William, Catherine.


Joseph married...(name unknown ?)

More information regarding the Pasquale Celentano Family in New York will be added as it becomes available.

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