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Santo & Annunziata Celentano
From Catona, Calabria, Italy

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Great-grandson Joseph Thomas Celentano



In Memory Of Their Grandson, My Father, Giuseppe Celentano, 1904-1982


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The Celentano Family (from the region of Catona, Calabria, Italy) Genealogy Web Page, prepared by Joseph Thomas Celentano is continually being researched, modified, updated and corrected. This is only one branch of a limb from the huge Celentano Family Tree. Any information that can be contributed will be gratefully appreciated. Most of the information is passed down by word of mouth and is best recollection. Much early info (1800's) comes from original documents. Read carefully and analyze the below information and if you think there may be a family relationship here (or even if there isn't), please send an E-mail in English to Joe Celentano at Joseph@Celentano.org.

NOTE: This web site has been very successful. I have located direct blood relations as a result of other Celentano's finding this web site. This web site has been here since March 1997.
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( I have no information prior to early 1800's )

SANTO CELENTANO (my great-grandfather)
born in Catona, Calabria, IT
birth (early 1800'S) ??/??/18??, death (mid to late 1800's) ??/??/after 1865
Santo Celentano's occupation was a fisherman.
married in Catona, Calabria, IT ??/??/18?? to:

born in Napoli, Campania, IT
birth ??/??/18??, death ??/??/after 1865
children; Tommaso 1865-1944 (my grandfather), Giuseppe 1871-1948 (or 1951), Pasquale 1880-1951, Raffaele, Carmela, Thresa, Josephine (aka: Bepina).

Pasquale married Carmela Delmastro, Tommaso married Concetta Sciliberto, Giuseppe married Nancy Foti, Rafael married Fortunata (?), and Josephine married Joseph Carita. These siblings went to the United States. Sisters Camille Celentano and Theresa Celentano remained in Italy and it is unknown if they ever married.

I have some notes that mention Camille Celentano married and had a child named ANGELO. Angelo's daughter married and moved to Hollywood, California. No further information.

As you can see, it can get complicated, and memories fade with time. I placed this information here with the idea that if someone sees or recognizes their name or maybe their cousins, aunts or uncles name, then we all may be distantly related.

There is no established connection or relation to the Celentano Foods Family (now Rosina Foods) in Verona, NJ, nor Adriano Celentano , the Italian singer and actor.

(revised August 2014)

TOMMASO Celentano (dec) (my grandfather)
born in Catona, Calabria, IT
birth May 5, 1865, death May 23, 1944 at age 79, in San Francisco CA, of a Cerebral Thrombosis (stroke).
naturalized July 28, 1899, Borough of Brooklyn, Kings County, NY
buried "Italian Cemetery", (lot 1W, block 33), 540 "F" Street, Colma, CA
Click here to view Tommaso's death certificate.

> (It should be noted that there are two spellings of "Tommaso". On different official certificates and documents, it is spelled "Tomaso" (1 "m"). On other official documents it is spelled "Tommaso" (2 "m"'s).

My grandfather Tommaso (who spoke both Italian and English), at age 28, before he was married, sailed several times (1894/1896) across the Atlantic with one of his younger brothers, Giuseppi, at age 22, as merchant seamen on the 200 horsepower steamer "Ailsa" (#78735), registered in Liverpool, England. They sailed to Spain, the West Indies, and New York. After Tommaso's marriage in New York, he and his family traveled back and forth between Italy and New York several times. Grandma Concetta did not like the earthquakes in Sicily. A number of her side of the family died in the 1908 earthquake in Messina, including possibly Concetta's mother and father. This could be the reason so much family information has been lost. Tommaso and Concetta were married (in 1896) for 48 years until Tommaso's death in 1944.

Tommaso was a man of many talents, acting as a merchant seaman, fisherman, and a longshoreman, (employed by the Martin Ship Service Company of San Francisco & Wilmington, California under the leadership of the Vincent Morabito Family) to support his family. Tommaso was married in Brooklyn NY Sept 6, 1896, at age 31, to Concetta age 22, at Church of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Degraw & Hicks Street (which has since been destroyed by fire, rebuilt and renamed Sacred Heart-St Stephen's). The marriage ceremony was witnessed by: Raffaele Celentano (Tommaso's brother) and Philippa Sciliberti-La Camera (Concetta's married sister) to:

CONCETTA Sciliberto-Celentano (dec) (my grandmother)
born in Messina, Sicily, IT
birth Feb 20, 1874, death Nov 30, 1962 at age 88, in San Rafael CA, of a C.V.A. (stroke),
both Tommaso and Concetta (aka in English as  “Constance”) resided formerly in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York (address unknown);  San Pedro CA (at 1504 S. Grand Ave.);  San Francisco CA (at 708 Bay St;  2863 Octavia St;  3028 ½ Buchanan St;  3137 Divisidero St;  and 2702 Hyde St). Concetta never did learn to speak English or drive an automobile.....after all; at that time there was no need to learn another language. All the store keepers spoke Italian.
buried "The Italian Cemetery", (lot 1W, block 33), 540 "F" Street, Colma, CA.
Click here to view Concetta's death certificate.

(Note:  The published Los Angeles (San Pedro) City Address Directory (not the telephone directory) at the time (1930’s and 1940’s) listed the name of “Constance” Celentano instead of Concetta).


Concetta Sciliberto's parents...
GIUSEPPE SCILIBERTO (my great-grandfather) ( note...some spellings on official documents are SCILIBERTI ( ending with i )
born in Catona, Calabria, IT
birth ??/??/18??, death ??/??/after 1874
married in ?, IT ??/??/18?? to:

CARMELA AGRILLO-CELENTANO (my great-grandmother)
born in ??
birth ??/??/??, death ??/??/after 1874
children; Benedetta, Concetta (my grandmother), ???, Leo, Salvatore, Phillipa, Dominic, Ninae, Carmela.


Children of Tommaso & Concetta; may they all now rest in peace.  (100 years of family)

Santo (dob/dod 1898 - infant death);
Nancy Celentano Crivello, 12/24/1899 - 12/00/1998, at age 99;
Santo (Charlie) Celentano, 11/27/1901 - 7/22/1986, at age 85;
Giuseppi (Joe) Celentano,  1/29/1904 - 3/15/1982, at age 78, of liver cancer;
Carmela (dob/dod 1906  infant death);
Carmela (Camille) Celentano Galindo,  4/29/1907 - 2/15/2001, at age 93;
Fernando (Fred) Celentano, 1910-1924, at age 14, of appendicitis;
Raffael (Ray) Celentano, 6/6/1911 - 1992, at age 81;

Yolanda Virginia (Vee) Celentano DeTore: 3/11/1913 - 10/28/2012, at age 99, of heart failure; 

Giuseppina (Josie) Celentano Isola, 3/5/1915 - 1/1/2002, of a stroke, at age 86;
Teresina (Terry) Celentano Accornero, 12/17/1916 - 6/13/2007 of heart failure, at age 90; 

>>> All of Tommaso and Concetta’s children are now deceased. 

Continuing below with Tommaso and Concetta's children's spouses and their children;

Nancy (dec) married John Crivello (dec); children...Charles (dec); Nancy; Thelma; Thomas (dec); Joann; Marie Marion; Constance Ann.

Charles (dec) married Anna D'India; children...Charlotte Ann.
Charlotte married Charles Edward Crackbon; children...William Charles, Michele Margaret.

William married Gina Smith. Children... Nicolette Lorraine; Ashley Christina.
Michele Margaret married Gabriel Frances DeLacerda.

Nancy (Dolly) (dec) married John Restivo (dec); children... John Joseph, Barbara Joanne, Nancy Jo, Richard Michael, Michael Joseph.

John Joseph married Cyndee (?); children... Andrea.

Nancy Jo married Arthur (?); children... Michele, Cari.

Barbara Joanne...

Richard Michael married (?); children...Christopher, Jessica.

Michael Joseph married Marie (?); children... Cristina, Jordan, Brandon, Dante.

Thelma married Ermano Gallegioni (dec); children... Ermano, Michael, David.
Michael married Lisa Lerna; children... Justin Jordan
David married Christine Firi; children... Nicole Jackie

Thomas (dec) never married.

Joanne married #1 Donald Brooks; children...Daniel John, James Vincent, Ron, Julie Ann.
Joanne married #2 Jerry Franks; no children.
Daniel John married Jeanne Marie Cappa; children... Lacie Nicole, Noelle Christine.
James Vincent married Juli Ann Polson; children... Johnathan William, Joseph Robert.
Julie Ann married Raymond Alexander Francisco; children...Julia Rae

Marie Marion married #1 Hubert Cazin; children...Donna Marie, Janice Ann.
Marie Marion married #2 (?) Clay; no children.
Donna Marie married Alesandro Tanfani; children...Eugenio Marc.
Eugenio Marc married Heather Pardieck; children...
Janice Ann married Paul Manni; children...Tessa.
Tessa married Kenneth O’Dowd; children...Maggie Marie O’Dowd

Constance Ann married #1 Peter Stein; children... Sharon Gaye.
Constance Ann married #2 (?); no children.
Sharon Gaye married #1 William Joseph Kelly; children... Kimberly Ann, William Joseph, Brian Liam.
Sharon Gaye married #2 Steve Hawkins (dec). no children.
Kimberely Ann married Gabriel Borghi; children... Christopher Lee.
William Joseph...
Brian Liam married Sarah Kerr; children... Liam Seth.

Santo (Charlie) (dec) married Jean Damato (dec); children...Barbara Jean.

Barbara Jean married Emanuel Anthony Raffo; children...Steven Girard, Ronald Anthony, Lorraine Jean.

Steven married #1 Francine Forseth; no children.
Steven married #2 Donni Jo Pipkin; children... Robert Anthony Raffo. Kristopher James Kenworthy, stepson to Steven.

Ronald married #1 Teri Allan; no children.
Ronald Raffo and Lisa Boes; children...Haley Frances Raffo.

Lorraine married Michael Presley; children...Sarah Jean, Kathleen Marie.

Giuseppi (aka Joseph, Born in 1904 Brooklyn NY - died 1982 San Pedro CA) married in San Francisco #1 wife in 1927 at St Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church, San Francisco CA to Florence Ann McEachin (aka Flo, Born in 1904, Duluth MN - died 1978 San Pedro CA); children...Joseph Thomas (aka: JoJo, born San Pedro CA).

Giuseppi/Joseph (after death of spouse #1 Florence) married spouse #2 Margaret C. Kauth McEachin age 80, (born in Duluth MN 1901 - died 1985 Boise ID) (Margaret was Florence's sister-in-law), no children. (Margaret's father was Matthew Kauth and her mother was Frances Engle).

Giuseppi and Florence Ann were married 51 years. Both Giuseppi (Joseph - NMI) (cause of death, liver cancer) and Florence Ann (cause of death, heart failure) are buried at Green Hills Memorial Park in San Pedro, California. #2 Margaret (cause of death, heart failure) was cremated in Boise, Idaho.

Joseph Thomas (JoJo) married Nancy Patricia Kubelka; children...Thomas Joseph; Johnathan Marc.

Thomas Joseph married #1 Melissa Marie Fuentes...children, Lisanna Marie.
Lisanna Marie...

Thomas Joseph married #2 Suzanne Lee Rustad, no children.

Johnathan Marc married Jennifer Leanne Wiggins (born Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Canada) ...children, Tiffani Diane; Gregory Marc.
Tiffani Diane...
Gregory Marc...

Carmela (Camille) married Robert Rolph Galindo (dec); children...Shirley Ann; Robert Rolph Jr (dec).

Shirley Ann married Albert Sauers (divorced); no children.

Robert Rolph Jr (dec) married #1 Jacqueline Ann Hernan; children...Robyn Lynn, Robert Rolph III.
Robert Rolph Jr (dec) married #2 Deborah Wiegand; children...Heather Michelle.
Robert Rolph Jr (dec) married #3 Brenda Joyce Phipps. No children.

Robyn Lynn married Michael Joseph O'Neill (dec); children...Shannon Jacqueline, Michael James.
Robert Rolph III...
Heather Michelle...

Raffael (Ray) (dec) married Mary Jane Elliot (dec); children...Robert Ray, Michael Paul.

Robert Ray married Sherrill Deanne Morford; children...Jennifer Lynn, Robert Ray Jr.
Jennifer Lynn married #1 Lucas John Pritchard; children...Ian Lucas, Samuel Dosson.
Jennifer Lynn married #2 Johann Peters; Children...

Robert Ray Jr...

Michael Paul married #1 Linda M Perez; children...Debbie Lynn.
Michael Paul married #2 Beverly Joan Bammes; no children.
Michael Paul married #3 Grace Yvonne Douglas; children...Michelle Lee, Michael Paul II, Andrea Lynn, Adreanne Alexandria, Angela Concetta, Mary Jane.

Debbie Lynn married... (?); children... (?)
Michelle Lee married... (?);
Michael Paul II...
Andrea Lynn...
Andreanne Alexandria married Michael James Bright.
Angela Concetta...
Mary Jane...

Yolanda (Vee) (dec) married #1 George Burke (dec), #2 Kenneth Curtis (dec), #3 Nathan Rice, #4 Ernest DeTore (dec). (There were no children in any of the marriages.)

Giuseppina (Josie) (dec) married John Charles Isola (marriage license issued on 17 Sept 1939) (dec); children...Carol Terry; John Charles Jr.

Carol Terry married Robert George Hermsmeyer; children...Matthew Lane, Marc Robert, Brent Michael, Heidi Ann.
Matthew Lane Hermsmeyer and Tawny King; children...Josephine Nadine Hermsmeyer.
Marc Robert married Karen Nunes; children... Tyler Anthony Hermsmeyer
Brent Michael......
Heidi Ann......

John Charles married Pamela Boughton; children...Justine Marion, Phillip John.
Justine Maureen......
Phillip John......

Teresina (Terry) (dec) married Pietro (Pete) Paolo Accornero (dec); children...Vicki Ann (dec) never married.

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